Eco Not Ego - E14 - Grown Men Can Cry!

February 3, 2017

In this episode of the Eco Not Ego podcast, Spence and Josie are joined for the first time, and certainly not the last, by Spence's fiance Jenna! The discussion starts out with the intention of being an SMPG (Spiritual, Mental and Physical Growth) round-table; however, it quickly morphs into something much more fluid. Topics touched on include grown men crying, emotional releases, what Reiki is, The Wim Hof Method, tapping into your brain for DMT release and the books the three of us recommend. Plus a heck of a lot more! Feel free to reach us at Check out Jenna on Instagram @jennafayehandel, or add her on FB if you want to ask further questions. Peace and love to everyone!


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