Eco Not Ego - E6 - Kananaskis: Alberta’s Playground

October 4, 2016
During this episode of the Eco Not Ego podcast, Spence and Josie discuss one of the most beautiful places on earth: Kananaskis Country, which is located in SW Alberta in Canada. Featuring mountains that rival the legendary Banff National Park, Kananaskis is a 4200 square km playground for everything outdoors. This is where Albertans come to play. Both Josie and Spence have spent hundreds of days here, living and exploring. In this episode, they are joined by Derek Ryder, the Chairman of an organization called Friends of Kananskis Country. Working with the government, the organization focuses on keeping Kananaskis accessible to the public via environmental initiatives. Discussion include sustainable trail building, the legendary floods of 2013, working with government agencies, how to get involved in volunteer programs and why you can't separate parks from health.

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