Eco Not Ego - E13 - Vaccines Part 1: Gardasil Damage

January 26, 2017

In this episode of the Eco Not Ego podcast, Josie and Spence take on a very touchy subject: Vaccines. When you even mention the word, people get in a huffy fit. This conversation is not for, or against the usage of vaccines; this conversation is focused on being aware of the pros and cons of Gardasil and other vaccines. We speak with a special guest who received 2 of the 3 Gardasil shots and was significantly affected by them. The result? Nervous system damage. While we know this will stir up some emotions, the most important point is not to let anyone bully you into getting something you aren't 100% confident with. Always do your research. Please share this around, as spreading the message of PRO-INFORMATION when it comes to health is so critical in today's world. Let us know your thoughts and stories at


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